TABLES Chefs Dustin and Amy

Laramie Cattle Company’s locally grown beef has a deep rich flavor that cannot be faked with additives or forced-feeding on a cattle lot. The quality and uncompromising dedication to an excellent natural product is apparent ~ from the first taste to the last bite. Laramie Cattle’s small production and attention makes this true artisan beef. Our restaurant is dedicated to serving locally produced and seasonally fresh food. When the Laramie Cattle Company truck pulled up with our first order, I realized that local does not get any more local than this ~ directly from pastures in west Denver to the tables ~ at TABLES.”

Dustin Barrett, Chef/Co-Owner
TABLES Restaurant

Recently ranked among the top 10 restaurants in Denver by 5280 Magazine

As a nutritionist, I am an advocate of beef that is grass-fed and free from any hormones or antibiotics.  In fact, I consider this type of beef to be a health food, for its high levels of omega-3 fats, B-vitamins, complete proteins and zinc.  I am quite particular about the meat I give to my family, especially my toddler.  While I am focused on the nutrition of our beef, my husband demands good flavor.  Laramie Cattle Company has succeeded in creating a product that meets both of our needs!
Ann Pierce
Pierce Whole Nutrition, LLC

Even though our family of five has two freezers, there’s still no way we can store a whole lot of one thing. That’s why we love Laramie Cattle Company’s 40 lb. Urban Pack. My kids are crazy about the burgers and we fight over the steaks! No question – there’s a great, unique taste to the beef, and knowing it’s organic and from Colorado is why we don’t bother buying meat from anywhere else now.”

Doug Wulf, Senior Vice President
Fuller Real Estate

As a native Texan who lives on a ranch in the largest cow-calf producing county in Texas, I’m an old hand at beef. Laramie Cattle Company’s beef ranks among the tastiest I’ve ever tried. It’s fresh, it’s juicy and it’s intensely flavorful. The steaks melt in your mouth and the stew and hamburger meat add that big-beef flavor to any dish, from spaghetti with meat sauce to Hungarian goulash. This is beef at its best!”

Sara McDaniel
Schulenburg, Texas

While beef is not usually my first choice when shopping or dining out, I recently sampled beef from the Laramie Cattle Company. I found it melt-in-your-mouth tender, lean and juicy! It was truly one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in some time. I’m looking forward to many more tasty meals since I’ve just decided to order an Urban Pack.”

Dee Galloway, Poet
Dances With Words