All-Natural Beef

The partners of the Laramie Cattle Company are Randy and Sheila Rooney, Bill and Mary Beth Jenkins and John and Suzette Mullins.

It is our vision and passion to give back to the community through the constructive use of the land, and we strive to bring you the highest quality, all-natural, humanely treated, and sustainably-raised beef for your dinner table.

Raised on the historic Rooney Ranch in Morrison, Colorado, our Black Angus cattle (a hardy breed well-suited to Colorado’s arid climate) are grass-fed and have free reign over the pasture. The cattle spend their days wandering the fields and grazing as they please. In keeping with our desire to provide meat that is free of unnatural substances, the cattle are not injected with hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

The primary diet of Rooney Ranch cattle is the natural grasses found in the pasture, which are then supplemented with beer mash from local breweries. Beer mash is a by-product of beer production, and makes a perfect addition to healthy cattle’s diet as it retains a high concentration of protein. The mash provides healthy enzymes from the hops, barley, and wheat, which also adds flavor and marbling to the beef. The cattle love it ~ you should see them come running when the big red truck pulls up to unload the barrels of mash!

Processing of Laramie Cattle Company beef is done at local USDA inspected and approved plants. Post-slaughter, the beef is dry aged for just under three weeks, which enhances its tenderness and flavor. Since it takes us at least a full year to raise an animal to slaughter (the average age for slaughter is under 20 months), be sure to take the opportunity to purchase our beef when the ideal time arrives. To learn more about the current availability of Laramie Cattle Company beef, please contact Randy Rooney.