Urban Packs

The Urban Pack makes a perfect gift for someone who loves high-quality beef or for a friend, relative, or business associate who cares about the path his or her beef takes from the pasture to the dinner table. Consisting of  approximately 40 lbs. of various and fully customizable cuts of beef and sells for $12.50 per lb. Half of your order will consist of ground beef (hamburger), the other half will be made up of roasts, ribs, steaks, and stew meat. Your order is then placed within a  insulated bag, which allows you up to 3 hours inwhich transport it safely to your home.

The Urban Pack includes (approximately):

  • 10 1-lb. hamburger pkgs.
  • 10 1-lb. hamburger patty pkgs.
  • 4 2-steak pkgs., 1″ thick
  • 2 stew meat pkgs.
  • 1 2-3-lb. rump or chuck roasts
  • 2 2-lb. short ribs pkg.
  • 2 lbs. Rancher’s Cuts (fajita, kabobs, flanks, stir fry)


The Value Urban Pack

The Value Urban Pack is the ideal choice for those preparing meals for only one or two people, making a fine culinary gift, as well. Consisting of approximately 30 lbs. Includes ground beef, roasts, ribs, steaks, and stew meat, it sells for $9.00 per lb.

The Value Urban Pack includes (approximately):

  • 8 1-lb. hamburger pkgs.
  • 8 1-lb. hamburger patty pkgs.
  • 4 1-lb. stew meat pkgs.
  • 1 2-3 lb. rump or chuck roasts
  • 2 2-3 lb. short ribs pkg.
  • 2-3 lbs. Ranch Cuts (fajita, kabobs, flanks, stir fry)