Packaging & Pricing

ORDER TYPES – Half Side, Quarter Side, Urban Packs , Gold Rush Burger and Burger Only

Half Side of Beef – Now available

An average half-cow weighs between 300-450 pounds, hanging carcass weight. There is about a 30% loss from bones, fat, etc. during processing, leaving a take-home weight averaging 220-320 pounds.

  • A $150 non-refundable deposit is requested at the time you place your order.

Quarter Side of Beef- Now available

Customers seeking a quarter side are encouraged to join resources with someone else who also wants a quarter side, and choose similar cuts to create a half side order.

  • A $150 non-refundable deposit is requested at the time you place your order

* Note: pricing is based on the hanging weight, not the take-home weight


Urban Pack

  • Approximately 40 lbs (actual weight) of various and fully customizable cuts of beef, makes the Urban Pack is perfect for families with small freezers, or as gifts for friends, relatives, or business associates. Half of your order will consist of ground beef, the other half will be made up of roasts, ribs, steaks, and stew meat.

Value Urban Pack

  • Approximately 30 lbs of various cuts of beef makes the Value Urban Pack the ideal choice for those preparing meals for only one or two people – it makes a fine gift, as well. Includes ground beef, roasts and ribs.

        Gold Rush Burger

  • Laramie Cattle’s perfect blend of dry-aged chuck, brisket and short-rib meat. Burgers don’t get any better than this. 10 lbs. minimum order

Burger Only

  • Minimum 10 lbs per order of ground beef packaged just for you.




  • Half and quarter sides currently sell for $5.50 per pound (+ standard processing fees)
  • The Urban Pack sells for $12.50 per pound
  • The Value Urban Pack sells for $9.00 per pound
  • Gold Rush Burger sells for $9.00 per pound
  • Burger Only sells for $7.00 per pound